The Best French Market Net bag – How to Use It!

 Chances are you have seen the French market net bag around for awhile and it is with good reason. If you’re debating whether to purchase a net bag, look no further than the French Market net bag. While it is Insta-famous, we love this net bag for more than just its appearance. The net bag is super versatile and affordable. It is also the perfect reusable shopping bag. On top of that, it is also the easiest reusable shopping bag to wash.

We've gone ahead and scoured the internet for the best net bags. After all, it's one of the essential bags to carry to the grocery store. Below, you'll find some of the best tips on how to use the French Market net bag and its origins. Soon, you’ll be Instagramming your French market net bag, too. Don't forget to share it with us! Read on to learn more about the best French market net bag and more tips on how to use it. It’s a must-have for a reason!

What is the French Net Bag?

Traditionally, net bags are styled after the fisherman net bags, which are known as filet in France. The reason for this is that the classic netted bag was inspired by fishing nets. Due to this, net bags have been sought after for its carryall qualities and durable netting, it has been used for generations as a traditional market bag. The biggest benefit of all? Each net bag stretches to fill a wide array of goods and can sustain an extreme amount of weight.

Our favorite net bag is from the French brand, Filt. Made in Normandy, these 100% cotton bags come in a variety of colors and are super sturdy.

The Best French Market Net Bags

How to Use the French Market Net Bag

First, it is so simple to use the French market net bag for so many reasons. Using a French market net bag is a timeless and chic choice. On top of that, it seems as though there are endless ways to use it. However, you may still be wondering where to begin with using it. Or, sometimes, you may want some more inspiration. Do not worry, we got you covered. These ideas will enable to you get a better idea of what you can add in.

Here are 5 ways on how to use to the French market net bag:

    • Going on vacation and need to save on space? It takes up next to no space in a suitcase.
    • Perfect for picking up everyday groceries from the farmer’s market.
    • The net bag is ideal for the beach and all your beach essentials.
    • Books! Thanks to its durability, the net bag can fit a ton of your favorite books.
    • Use as decoration on your wall hooks and utilize it as a catchall bag.

What can’t a French market net bag hold? It can expand to hold just about anything. Last but not least, you can expect to save a ton of shopping bags by being able to reuse this one forever.

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