How to Add a Disco Ball to Your Space

This year many of us have spent more time indoors than we could have ever imagined, but that does not mean you cannot change up the decor. In fact, there’s no better time than now to try something new. So, why not add some disco balls?  

While the 1970s saw the biggest rise in disco balls, it is now having a moment again, but this time as a glittering, decor trend. It also comes as no surprise that decorating with disco balls is here to stay. When styled correctly, it fits into every interior decor almost seamlessly. It is surprisingly easy and fun to incorporate disco balls into a space without it looking too flashy or outdated. The result actually adds more of a pop to the space.

Whether you’re in need of a decor revamp or want to add more retro flare to your space, the disco ball is as fun and unique as it gets. Here you’ll find great tips on how to decorate a disco ball into your space. 

How to style a disco ball


    • Make it the center of attention: Hanging the disco ball in the middle of a room will certainly add flare.
    • A simple disco ball on the floor can add a pop of fun to a room without making things too busy.
    • Another disco ball trick: Set one on your window sill to turn it into a sparkly oasis. 
    • Interested but scared to go overboard with a big disco ball? Try a small disco ball; it’s subtle and still joyful.  


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