Jade Versus Rose Quartz rollers - What is the difference?

Chances are you’ve seen Jade and Rose Quartz face rollers around for awhile now and it's with good reason. The beauty routine of using a Jade and/or Rose quartz face roller has been around for centuries. While the skincare tool isn’t a new innovation, its benefits and design can be considered a true ‘old faithful’ staple. If you’re debating on which one to choose, we’ve got all the answers on the differences of jade and rose quartz rollers. 

The face rollers not only look pretty enough to earn a cultivated spot on your beauty counter, but are popular for their abilities to reduce puffiness, increase circulation, help the skin’s absorption of beauty products, and aid in sinus relief. It’s a simple skincare tool with major benefits.  

Below, we’re sharing the difference in using a Jade roller versus a Rose Quartz roller. 

Jade roller versus a Rose Quartz


Jade is a beautiful semi-precious stone that is said to help cool and tighten the skin.Traditionally, Jade rollers were used for thousands of years in Chinese society as a beauty treatment and is considered to have healing powers. Due to this, Jade stones have been sought after for its beneficial properties.

Properties: longevity, peace, wisdom, purity


Rose Quartz is beautiful rosy-pink stone from the variety of Quartz. Known as the love stone, it’s valued for its vibrations of unconditional love, self-care, joy, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties, which has made it a stand out amongst the beauty community. Shop the Rose Quartz face roller

Properties: love, self-care, self-love, recovery, relationships


It’s clear that the major difference between Jade and Rose Quartz is on the preference of the stone. And, we could go on and on about the differences and purposes of Jade versus Rose Quartz, but the most important thing to know is that both have the same skincare benefits. 

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Now that you know the difference between Jade and Rose Quartz. Find out the major benefits of using a Rose Quartz face roller.