How to Make Your Own Nourishing DIY Body Oil

If you’re looking to add a body oil in your beauty routine, DIY-ing your own body oil is a wonderful place to start. Customizing oils to your skin’s needs is always the best solution. In skin care, oils have a major effect on the skin. They work to provide moisture, protection, and balance to the skin.

Today, we’re sharing a super easy and customizable DIY body oil using just two ingredients. It’s fast and effective. Read on below on how to make your own moisturizing body oil.

How to Make Your Own Nourishing DIY Body Oil

How to Make Your Nourishing DIY Body Oil

For this moisture packed body oil, we will be using Jojoba oil and neroli essential oil. Jojoba oil is a wonderful, deeply moisturizing oil. It is similar to our skin’s natural oil production and works for all skin types. And, neroli oil helps rejuvenate the skin. This body oil can be used any time your skin needs extra nourishment or as a daily moisturizer. 

TIP: The Body oil can be customized to any oil that you prefer. Consider using Argan oil with Lavender or Neroli essential oil. 

What You’ll Need:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Neroli Essential Oil
  • 1oz dark glass bottle with dropper


Pour 1ounce of jojoba oil in a small bowl. Add one to two drops of neroli essential oil. Then, mix the oils. Transfer the oil to the glass bottle. Store in a cool, dry place. Use two to three drops of the body oil. Enjoy your new moisturizing body oil!

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